Our mission is to educate, inspire and create life enriching opportunities.

Be your own boss, work effectively as a team & independently

We are a Digital Marketing Agency based here in Sydney currently looking for enthusiastic & passionate UNI students who are studying and would like an opportunity to work for an attractive commission based appointment setting job which will provide expansive industry experience.

There is no office reporting culture. You are your own BOSS. You will be given the knowledge about the product & service delivery to empower you when connecting with prospects clients.

Why: Awareness, education, knowledge & experience

Your development is important to us, we know that support & education play an enormous influence in your success that is why we offer first-hand support from our team, plus we provide digital assets to assist with your connecting with prospect clients.

Your Responsibilities

To be in charge of finding prospect clients within an industry that you’re most knowledgable about.
Promote the agency and its services.
To be responsible for making contact with clients and nurturing/following up with your prospect clients.
Setting up appointments/meetings with the prospect client(s) and the sales team so the sales team can convert the prospect clients into sales. (All services pitched are pitched with the knowingness that the service will provide value and compliment the prospect clients business) - Must be a win-win-win outcome.

There’s a Reason Our Clients Stick Around.

When you partner with like-minded people, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. We help grow global businesses all over the world.