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How Andrew was able to become agent of the year generating over 200K in commissions!

Icon Media Co crafted a comprehensive solution to address Andrew's slow lead flow. The aim wasn't to flood him with leads but to ensure highly qualified and strategically nurtured prospects for optimal conversion.

The execution involved a meticulous approach - a campaign with targeted advertising, strategic content creation, and personalized outreach. Advanced analytics ensured that each lead met Andrew's criteria, streamlining conversion to listings.

The impact was substantial. Andrew, once dealing with lead scarcity, saw an influx of 500 qualified leads, broadening his opportunities and diversifying potential listings.

In two years, Andrew earned the title of Agent of the Year. He generated an impressive $200,000 in commissions, tangible proof of newfound market presence and triumph through this targeted approach.

How Pete Bellande was a new agent in his area to listing 5 new properties in 3 months

After relocating to a new area, Pete found himself with the challenge of establishing his brand in an unfamiliar territory. The reality of knowing no one in the new locale posed a significant hurdle, hindering his ability to make a mark in the local real estate market at a fast enough pace.

A strategic solution centered around lead generation, qualification, and nurturing was implemented. The objective was clear – to swiftly elevate Pete’s brand presence in the new area, overcoming the initial barriers posed by being an outsider.

In 90 days, the impact of Icon Media Co customized solution became evident with significant leads for appraisals to secure 5 new listings.

How we enabled Peter Horsnell to focus on dollar-productive efforts in his business while our team secured 3 appraisals which transpired into 3 listings

Covering the Lower & Upper Northshore of Sydney and the Central Coast, Peter recognised the importance of implementing an effective strategy to reach a broad range of sellers. With a significant influx of leads, Peter capitalised on Icon Media Co's Appointment Setter solution for additional support.

This not only freed up more of his time to concentrate on expanding his agency but also resulted in a higher volume of in-person appraisals set by the team. Within just the first week of utilising the Appointment Setter solution, Peter successfully secured three listings.

Discover how Tina Bettles crushed it and continues to crush it! Only 3 months in she has already secured 6 listings in 3 months. Totalling 83K in commissions!

Starting fresh with a new brand and zero lead flow, Tina was eager to enhance her exposure to potential vendors. Generating a consistent flow of local leads was crucial for her.

Upon partnering with Icon Media Co, Tina achieved the activity levels she desired. Through consistent tailored Facebook ad campaigns, Tina successfully secured a healthy volume of in-person appraisals, leading to successful listings.

In turn, this continues to provide Tina exposure to a large pipeline of leads and build her reputation in the areas she services

How Will Cleggett started fresh in real estate and closed $85K in commissions!

Will's real estate agency was already equipped with a suite of prospecting tools, yet he recognized the need to further enhance their approach. Despite utilizing existing tools, establishing a strong presence in the market remained a challenge. The goal was clear – to integrate Icon Media Co lead generation, qualification, and nurturing strategy as an additional avenue to elevate their prospecting efforts.

The implementation of Icon Media Co strategy led to a significant increase in qualified leads, translating directly into heightened activity for Will's agency. This success was quantified by the achievement of 10 to 15 appraisals per month – a tangible result of the targeted solution in action.

How Calvin Marais went from 1 to 7 appraisals per week in 30 days

Calvin faced the daunting challenge of entering a saturated real estate market, struggling to secure appraisals with just 1 or 2 happening each week. A previous partnership with another agency damaged reputation by coercing leads to book appraisals.

Icon Media Co provided a tailored solution for lead generation, qualification, and nurturing, focusing on building a sustainable pipeline of warm leads while preserving Calvin's reputation. Within 48 hours, Calvin secured the first property appraisal, listing, and sale, showcasing an immediate return on investment. Consistently, Calvin now generates 5-7 appraisals weekly.

This transformation shifted Calvin's approach from chasing cold leads to connecting with genuinely interested sellers, streamlining workflow, and boosting overall business efficiency. The impact extends to concentrating efforts on the right audience, maximizing potential.


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Who is Icon Media Co?

Icon Media Co is a real estate marketing consultancy specializing in helping real estate professionals to increase their overall business production.

What makes you different from other companies?

Aside from lead generation, we also have a consultancy component to our service. We provide holistic custom solutions.

What kind of real estate agents do you work with?

We work with full-time real estate professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States who have a focus on residential, lifestyle, rural buyer and seller lead generation.

What are the costs?

We realize by working with over 250 real estate agents that there is not a one size fits all approach hence why our systems are custom built, this influences the monetary investment. To learn more about our services, book-in a demonstration call with one of our team members (anchor point)

Do you have an installment plan?

Yes, we do for real estate agents who hold an ABN or NZBN for greater than 3 years.

What platforms do you use to generate new business for real estate agents?

We utilize a multitude of media channels to generate presence, authority and trust for our clients. These channels may include Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Google and Youtube

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