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A 5-star review from Calvin & Karen Marais of Simply Real Estate Fraser Coast

Calvin & Karen Marais

February 9, 2024

Using the tips from last nights training I’ve booked 2 in-person appraisals from 2 calls this morning team!!!

Jarryd Blake

February 8, 2024

16 days into Jarryd Blake's campaign he already secured a $1,200,000 listing :rocket::rocket::rocket: $30,000 in commissions

Jarryd Blake

February 7, 2024

A 5-star review from Mick Slater of LJ Hooker Browns Plains

Mick Slater

February 7, 2024

Tina Bettles securing 3 more listings thanks to Icon Media Co, comms around 15K

Tina Bettles

January 31, 2024

Leanne Sutherland. Officially about to close 2 sales and list 2 more properties from Icon Media Co

Leanne Sutherland

January 31, 2024

Pete Bellande secured another $2M listing and another one looking to close very soon.

Pete Bellande

January 31, 2024

A 5-star review from Peter Horsnell of Ryder Realty

Peter Horsnell

January 29, 2024

Julie Clark, Listing 2 properties through Icon leads.

Julie Clark

January 25, 2024

Peter H has just confirmed 3 new listings coming on the market off the back of the Appointment Setter

Peter Horsnell

January 16, 2024

Hi @Luke FYI 21F Kent road is now under contract. Thanks Team.

Mark Gorejena

January 15, 2024

We're signing out 4th listing today from the advertising we're doing with Icon, so good things are happening! We have touched based with so many people and made some great connections, definitely some long time burners but they will be sale leads for sure! We are loving it!

Mitch Edwards

January 15, 2024

A 5-star review from Tina Bettles of Belle Property

Tina Bettles

January 13, 2024

A 5-star review from Kelsi Gaudry of Peter Lawton Property

Kelsi Gaudry

January 12, 2024

I have sent off 15 and have followed of them up with phone call and a text. And in person appraisals is 8 (from the Facebook ad, 2 more that I added to the CRM from direct phone calls to me) and 14 to come in the next two weeks booked so far.

Kelsi Gaudry

January 11, 2024

I will be signing a property up Tuesday this coming week from our leads. 13 Lisbon Court Kirwan which has the owner as Shelley Brownridge. She booked herself for an appraisal with a time that suited her just prior to Christmas

Cameron McDougall

January 5, 2024

We did 3 appraisals so far and one guy has 2 more properties to see as they want to move to America.

Vinnie Sharma

December 8, 2023

Just given you an update on Monday there is a property going on line and I'm doing about 1-2 appraisal a week. I have 3 open homes on the 16th and one of them is with yours.

Andrew Achilleos

December 7, 2023

3 appraisals in the works all thanks to Icon Media Co

Perry Steiner

December 6, 2023

Hi team I got a call before for a possible open listing. Waiting to hear back if he will let me sign him up on an open listing. It was a lead from you all so good news

Joslyn Bryan

December 4, 2023

Really enjoying working with the team at Icon Media so far, they have great systems and processes to bring in leads and I have already obtained a listing! Highly recommended

Leanne Sutherland

November 29, 2023

Thank you so much. We are really enjoying working with you.

Jag Sidhu

November 9, 2023

Very happy so far. Will be my first time renewing with a marketing team. Keep up the good work guys!!

Rohin Arora

November 9, 2023

First physical appraisal locked in for Friday 👍🏼

Steph Vivian

November 8, 2023

4 appraisals so far!!! Only launched 4 days ago

Leanne Sutherland

October 26, 2023

Thank you Ray! I had the first person book their own inspection a short while ago. My new assistant has been a huge helps as well

Cameron McDougall

October 22, 2023

I have booked 6 appraisals so far, things are going great.

Tina Bettles

October 11, 2023

Sorry guys it's been a hectic week. You'll be happy to hear we listed and sold one of your leads in the last 7 days!

Lottie Richardson

October 9, 2023

2 appraisals booked already guys!

Tina Bettles

October 6, 2023

Incredible results. More possible leads than I could have imagined. Incredible staff.

Gary Doerrfeld

October 4, 2023

Hi Team - Just a quick update from day 1. The new messaging has worked well. 3 appraisal requests. 1 x virtual. 1 shortish (maybe 6 months) term seller appoints booked for tomorrow. 1 x great conversation and connection and possible Flip of a recently bought property by mid-2024

Sam Paynter

September 13, 2023

I have noticed a decent number of new page likes, from people that have contacted us through the ads etc, which is great for future organic growth and they will also now get to see just how awesome we are with what we post on our socials

Mitch Edwards

August 29, 2023

I do have a big listing appointment tomorrow for what could be an $8 million deal which is awesome.

Pete Bellande

August 22, 2023

Just booked in a listing appraisal, across the road from me.

Regan Coles

August 17, 2023

Just booked in another appraisal, doing a big renovation to sell, early next year

Regan Coles

August 16, 2023

Booked my first appointment

Pete Bellande

August 15, 2023

We had one listing which sold and it was really good for us. Thanks again $855,000 in Pelican Waters

Paul O'Brien

August 15, 2023

We're doing well. Been busy with appraisals. 2 new listings

Mansfield Real Estate

August 15, 2023

Signed the first listing 😄🙌🏻 Julie Anderson was the contact person. Thanks for the great team efforts

Joe Lee

August 15, 2023

We did get our first listing appointment 👍🏼

Fiona Greene

August 15, 2023

$10k gross comm

Brenton Popp

August 15, 2023


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