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We're looking to hire a new Sales Closer to sell our services to Real Estate Agents and Agency Owner who will benefit from the utilisation of our system-based services.

Here's what you can expect:

→ $5k-$15k/month in personal income

→ In sales environment, you will engage 1on1 with real estate agents and agency owners (who are high-level/sophisticated individuals)

→ Work completely remote

→ You receive prospects on a silver platter who are some of the biggest players in our industry.

About Icon Media Co:

→ We're on pace to reach 100 client this year

→ We spend about $10k-20k/month on client acquisition and close about 15+ new clients per month

→ Our team is currently 10 absolute savages and we all operate in an intense fast-paced environment that forces you to grow and level up!

→ We have a 85% client success rate (we have over 80 active DFY clients)

→ Our company goal is to be on pace to double in size within 12 months.

Role Requirements:

→ You have to be willing to go full-time (I understand you may currently have commitments but if you come onboard and you feel Icon Media Co is the right fit for you then you must be able to transition to full-time).

→ You must have prior experience in sales (there’s a LOT of training provided but you must have a strong foundation coming in)

→ This is a big one… you must be OBSESSED. Obsessed with sales. Obsessed with delivering the best experience possible to all your prospects/customers. Obsessed with growing. Obsessed with your hobbies. Obsessed with life in general. If that isn’t you then you won’t fit in well with our current team

The role details below.

Elevate Your Career: Sales Closer Opportunity at Icon Media Co

In an industry notorious for shattered expectations and disillusioned clients, Icon Media Co stands out as a beacon of change. The digital marketing agency space has long been plagued by tales of burnt bridges and scams. Icon Media Co is on a mission to rewrite this narrative—to become the undisputed choice for real estate agents and agency owners striving to list an additional 1-3 new properties per month. Our aim is clear: to eradicate the "I've been burnt" sentiment and provide a reliable path to predictable growth, delivering an additional 1-3 new listings each month for our clients.

A Journey of Transformation

We are not just embarking on this mission; we are well on our way to achieving it. As of this moment, our client roster boasts 65 clients, and a staggering 85-90% of them had previously suffered significant financial losses with other solutions. Despite their initial skepticism, they chose Icon Media Co because of our experience, reputation, and no-risk guarantee. The results speak volumes—some of our clients within the first month of running their advertising campaigns with us not only recouped their investment but achieved unprecedented success beyond their prior experiences.

Our Focus and Clientele

Icon Media Co presently serves 80 clients, with a target of reaching 100 by February. Our clients primarily consist of real estate agents and agency owners (principals) looking for real estate homeowner seller leads. Generating an average between $10-$15K/mo in GCI (gross commission income). These real estate agents have already been working and exhausting the traditional forms of prospecting. They've already developed a rhythm on how they do things and realize there is a better way because they cannot keep the current efforts of prospecting up for much longer. Problem aware, they seek support, guidance, and direction, or they face a lead generation problem. They are ready for greater efficiency and a higher volume of business. They are highly sophisticated and aspire to reach further growth in their business. Crucially, they seek a long-term partnership with us, provided we continue to deliver results. Most importantly, they lack a scalable and predictable client acquisition/nurturing system—a void we fill.

Our Comprehensive Offerings

As a Sales Closer at Icon Media Co, your role will be multifaceted:

1. Sales and Closing Mastery: Guiding our clients in mastering the art of sales and effectively closing deals.

2. CRM Management: Managing client relationships and ensuring smooth communication.

3. Support: Providing ongoing support to clients in their sales efforts.

4. Appointment Setting: Scheduling and coordinating sales appointments.

5. Follow-Up and Nurturing: Maintaining relationships and nurturing prospects through the sales process.

6. Workshopping Reactivation Campaigns: Collaborating with clients to reactivate and engage potential leads.

7. Calendar Optimization: Managing schedules for efficient client interactions.

8. Digital Assessment: Evaluating clients' digital presence and offering insights for improvement.

9. Team Building: Assisting in the expansion of sales and admin teams.

10. Structural Overhaul: Restructuring clients' sales processes, where needed, to ensure scalability.

11. Anything for Success: Going above and beyond to help clients achieve their revenue goals, typically ranging from 4-7 new listings per month.

Who We Seek

This opportunity is tailor-made for individuals who embody excellence:

1. Sales Expertise: You should have a minimum of 2 years of experience in sales or a related field.

2. Time Management: Understand the workload and orchestrate structure in your day to execute to maintain the highest client standards.

3. Advertising Familiarity: Prior experience with advertising, even at a foundational level, is a plus.

4. People-Oriented: You genuinely enjoy forging meaningful, enduring relationships with team members, clients, and their teams.

5. Coaching Enthusiast: You relish coaching and advising others in areas where you excel.

6. Driven and Coachable: You are motivated, open to guidance, and are actively seeking self-improvement to become a category-leading expert in your field.

Looking for someone based in Australia or New Zealand.

This Opportunity is Not for Everyone

Those seeking a laid-back job need not apply. Individuals lacking self-motivation or needing constant direction may find this role challenging. If you struggle to work efficiently independently, this may not be the right fit. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a startup environment should explore other avenues. Those unwilling to go the extra mile for their team and clients may not thrive here. If you are not prepared to put in the hours required for success, this role may not be suitable. Constructive criticism and feedback are part of our growth culture; if you can't handle them, this isn't the role for you.

Our Approach: Nurturing Your Success

We foster an environment conducive to your professional growth:

- Team Collaboration: Ensuring alignment with team objectives.

- Continuous Training: Continuously enhancing your skills.

- Access to Industry Leading Resources: Enjoy access to upskilling educational material.

- Results-Oriented: We prioritize outcomes, not the number of hours worked, allowing flexibility and remote work opportunities.

Compensation and On-Target Earnings (OTEs)

This is a purely commission-based role with an OTE of $5-15K/month

If this opportunity looks like it's exactly what you’re looking for and you are ready to join a team that is reshaping the digital marketing landscape? If you meet our criteria and are driven to excel, seize this opportunity to become an integral part of Icon Media Co—a company poised to redefine excellence in digital marketing. Join us in our mission to eliminate the "I've been burnt" narrative and catapult businesses toward unparalleled success.

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